React VS Angular – Which is better for product development?

By Jophin September 12, 2023 min read

React VS Angular – Which is better for product development?

Over the last few years, many applications and products have reached the targeted audience & tasted the fruit of success. It is due to the notion, performance, creative & user-friendly interfaces. To accomplish the goal and make profits, you need to develop a product that resonates with your audience and should be visually appealing to stay engaged. In that regard, you should pick the right front-end library or framework for achieving your business objectives and captivating customers.  

At this current time, you can see plenty of frameworks and libraries for front-end development. But among them, Angular and React are preferred by many emerging startups and SMBs in the global marketplace. It is due to their prominence in the industry and comes under the JavaScript ecosystem. 

Now many queries might strike your mind – Which one should I choose for front-end development? What are the advantages of React VS Angular? Do both have the same technical functionalities or do they have some key differences? Which framework fits better with my business requirements?   

We will compare these JavaScript frameworks comprehensively to assist you in figuring out the answers to the questions above. In this article, we will discuss everything about React VS Angular with benefits, companies using these frameworks, key differences, and how to choose.  

Let’s commence the article with fundamentals.  

What is Angular? 

Angular is a well-known open-source JavaScript framework widely used for building dynamic web applications and function-rich products. It is developed by the leading tech giant – Google and released by them in 2010 with the name of Angular JS. This prominent client-side framework empowers startups and developers to craft single-page applications (SPAs) with the help of a structured architecture and a set of tools.  

Angular leverages declarative templates to define the user interface, which enables seamless data binding and reduces the need for manual DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation. In addition, it also offers features like routing, form handling, and HTTP client modules to streamline common tasks.  

The typescript-based approach of Angular enhances code quality and provides a robust static typing system. As a result, Angular simplifies complex product development processes by offering a comprehensive framework structure. This web framework holds some peculiar functionalities over ReactJs, such as MVC Model, Dependency Injection, Full Stack Framework, and Two-way Data Binding. 

Advantages of Leveraging Angular for Front-end 

You can yield the following benefits if you choose Angular as a prime choice for front-end development. 

  1. Product performance or app performance will be ideal 
  2. Clean code development  
  3. You can create a superfine front-end template with the existing Angular libraries. 
  4. Allows MVC architecture.  
  5. It lets you develop reusable components. 
  6. Updating, managing, unit testing, and end-to-end testing will be simple. 
  7. Enhanced product efficiency. 
  8. Angular can manage routing. So, switching from one view to another view is easy.  

These are the mind-blowing benefits you can get by choosing Angular over Reactjs.

Popular Companies use Angular

As per recent stats, it is clear that more than 500 big and reputable companies worldwide are utilizing Angular for their apps and products. Due to its amazing beneficial factors, companies from multiple sectors are expressing interest in this JavaScript framework. 

Here is the list of companies that use Angular for their products. 

Next, let’s have a look at React. 

What is React? 

React is an open-source JavaScript library that is primarily utilized to develop intuitive user interfaces for the front end of the product or application. This JS library is introduced by Facebook in 2013 and is quite popular compared to Google’s framework, Angular. Also, it is more flexible when it comes to the coding part than Angular because React is not a full-fledged framework.  

React follows a component-based architecture. So, it allows you to create reusable UI components for your application or product. In addition, react enables you to build complex UIs easily with its component-based architecture. You can reuse this JS library across various sections of your product or application, which leads to more efficiency. 

Benefits of Leveraging React for Front-end 

Let us share the unique advantages of employing React for the front end of your product or application.  

  1. Rapid development 
  2. Reusable code 
  3. Fast loading of virtual DOM 
  4. Debugging will be easy with declarative views  
  5. Migration between distinct versions will be easy 
  6. Supports integration with third-party libraries. 
  7. Getting started with React is easy and does not require more practice. 
  8. React is easy to use, faster, and saves time.  
  9. High customizability and better performance. 
  10. A large and reliable community to provide the required tools and resources. 

These are the extraordinary benefits you can get by choosing React development service over Angular. 

Popular Companies use React for Front-end 

Here is the list of companies that utilize React.  

 It is not the whole list. We mentioned these in the listicle as they are robust, user-friendly, fast, and offer a better experience for global users with React. 

We hope you gained enough knowledge of what Angular is and what React is with its perks. Now, it’s time to compare them and know their technical differences.  

React VS Angular – Key Technical Differences  

Small enterprises to giant organizations are using React and Angular for different purposes. Therefore, knowing its core technical differences is imperative to choose the best one and commence your product development process.  

Let us shed some light on the key differences between React VS Angular with a technical comparison for your better understanding.  

This comparison table showcases the exact technical differences between React and Angular. Now, it’s time to decide which will be the right framework or library for your ongoing project or next project.  

React VS Angular – How to choose the best one? 

As stated earlier, both frameworks have unique benefits and characteristics for product development. On one hand, Angular is an ideal framework that offers everything from front-end development to testing. And on the flip side, react is a flexible JavaScript library that needs additional support from other libraries to develop the front end of the application or product. 

To choose the right one, you must decide on your business goals and requirements. You can pick Angular if your primary aim is to build big and feature-loaded applications with tailored solutions. Moreover, you can also go with Angular if you plan to build a real-time application with a scalable framework. In case you prefer typescript and object-oriented programming, Angular might be the best choice for your product development.  

As a startup, you can select React for building an optimized lightweight application in a short period with stunning front-end and UI components. If your app or product needs countless events and shareable elements, you can choose React. This JavaScript library is highly preferred for developing cross-platform and single-page applications. Furthermore, React is the best for expanding the functionalities of the existing applications.  

Apart from these, React also supports typescript. React with typescript offers better and faster performance due to its system type.

Considering these key factors, you can choose the excellent one for your product development. 

Final Thoughts 

React & Angular are prevailing front-end frameworks in the world of technology. Besides, they both have ultimate advantageous factors for startups desiring to build a next-gen product or application. To be precise, react might be ideal for people who work on medium-sized projects. It is due to accessibility. Also, it can perform many tasks with in-built functionalities and third-party modules.  

If you are looking for a well-structured framework and planning to develop a massive application, Angular is an optimal option. However, the final choice is in your hands. You know your product needs, and you are in the place to select the finest one that perfectly suits your project requirements and demands.  

Are you still in chaos and don’t know how to select the best front-end framework for your product? Don’t worry! We got your back. Fortunesoft is here to guide you and provide a world-class innovative technology solution to develop your dream product with incredible attributes. We have 14+ years of experience in developing and deploying products with industry-leading technologies.

Contact our experts now and launch your dream product with ease! 

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