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Is your Payment Gateway secure enough?

We are into an era where eCommerce users and transactions are on a rise. Our fast-paced lifestyle and growing demands are creating new opportunities for fraudulent activities. Therefore, as it…

To-dos to protect your Employees at the Workplace against COVID-19

The COVID-19, also popularly known as coronavirus, has caused businesses to ban all travel plans, exports, and imports, impacting the business economy, especially countries closely associated with China. This outbreak…

How to simplify the Onboarding process for Customers?

When it comes to customer onboarding in the financial services industry, FinTechs have been revolutionizing the minds of the customers about how they can approach a financial institution. Since customer…

An In-Depth Guide to Migrate Your Monolithic FinTech app to Microservices

The migration from a monolithic application to a microservice architecture itself is heroic. If you aim to scale up the operation and speed while escaping high costs,  then migration to microservices…

Microservice Architecture – A Transformational Change In The Financial Ecosystem

With the tremendous modernization of the digital era, FinTech companies are also rationalizing. To pace with the trends, their demands are dramatically increasing. Strategizing the business process to fulfill these…

How to develop a Secure FinTech product

Though digital financial services have penetrated the traditional banking methods, investment firms, and the insurance industry, they are still lagging behind when it comes to trust. Physical banks have been…

Top 10 Digital Wallets of 2020

We are heading towards a generation of virtual money with a secure and cashless future. Digital wallets are becoming tremendously handy for wearing your cash. Due to the evolution of…

Neo Bank – The New Trend in the FinTech Ecosystem

Neo Bank has become an everyday word in the FinTech community. With the potential to change the face of traditional banking, Neo Bank is storming into the FinTech industries all…

How Live Streaming is Changing eCommerce Shopping

Over the last few years, eCommerce had seen an exponential rise. With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, innovators come up with new ideas to make it a popular culture…

Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Developing a FinTech Application

FinTech is the current buzzword in the market, covering the entire financial ecosystem. The main purpose of FinTech is to improve financial activities by making it more straightforward and accessible….