7 Reasons to Prefer Node.js for Product Development

By Deepu George July 21, 2023 5 min read

7 Reasons to prefer node js for product development

Building an effective and responsive product is not a necessity, it’s a need in today’s cutthroat digital business world. Choosing a suitable backend technology is essential if you want to grow your business by deploying a feature-rich product. Users will prefer a web application or product, which is user-friendly and easy to connect. 

Speaking of which, Node.js earned the finest name among developers, startups, product managers, and tech-savvy persons with its great beneficial parameters. Even though there are several frameworks and technology stacks on the current market, Node.js still rules the technology arena as it helps to build web servers, rest APIs, and scalable web applications easily in no time. 

On the other hand, the intriguing attributes and capabilities led budding startups to go with Node.js for product development. Besides these, seven notable reasons made people prefer Node.js for accelerating their product development process.  

This article covers the seven reasons to choose Node.js for developing a successful product. But first, let’s quickly recap what node.js development is. 


Node.js Development – A Small Overview 

Node.js development is the process of using node.js to create fully working products or web applications. What precisely is Node.js, then? Simply said, Ryan Dahl introduced node.js, which is based on Google’s Chrome v8 javascript engine. It is a javascript runtime environment that is used to rapidly develop server-side web applications; it is not a technology or framework. 

Node.js is also a library for running complex web apps outside the client’s browser. This javascript runtime environment will be perfect for all data-intensive applications because it uses an asynchronous event-driven model. Unlike other server-side languages, Node.js uses a single-threaded event loop to control the requests. 

As a startup, by getting the best-in-class Node.js development solution from a renowned firm, you can develop a diverse set of applications quickly and effectively. You can create multiple applications such as streaming apps, online payment systems, real-time web applications, messaging applications, social media applications, Rest API servers, IoT applications, and more.

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Top Industries Leverage Node.js Development Solution

As per the recent stats, it is clear that software development, website development, and marketing are the three top industries utilizing node.js for multiple purposes.


Top Companies Using Node.js for Their Website

Twitter, Samsung, AliExpress, and FoxNews are the leading companies that use node.js for their websites to provide a better experience for worldwide users.

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Noteworthy Reasons to Choose Node.js for Product Development 

There are plenty of reasons to opt for node.js to develop a product or web application. However, here we will disclose the seven reasons to invest in node.js development solutions for developing a feature-rich and user-friendly product. 

Noteworthy Reasons to Choose Node.js for Product Development

  • Enter Market Quickly 

Time and technology play a pivotal role for all startups when it comes to product development and deployment. In that regard, Node.js will be the ideal choice to enter the market swiftly. 

Generally, developers would take months to develop a fully operational product. And they will conduct rigorous testing before hosting it on the server if they use other tech stacks. In the case of node.js, developers don’t need to invest more time in the development process as it is powered completely by Google Chrome’s V8 javascript engine. 

V8 engine would convert the javascript code into machine language. It automatically accelerates the overall operating mechanism. As a result, you can launch your product or web application quickly in the market.

  • High scalability 

Scalability is one of the significant reasons to prefer node.js for product development. Plus, it was created mainly to provide scalable network applications. The scalability of node.js helped to gain prominence among startups, developers, product managers, and other tech-savvy persons. 

As a startup, you can achieve scalability by optimizing the product as much as you can. Furthermore, Node.js supports both vertical and horizontal scaling. Startups can also leverage node.js development solutions to create a simple framework for their system. And they can scale it later whenever needed by enabling modules with ease.

  • Cross-platform compatibility 

Utilizing node.js can help you to launch a product or web application that works seamlessly on all major platforms like Windows, Linux, and macOS. It is one of the ideal reasons behind leveraging node.js for product development. As a result, a tremendous rise in creating cross-platform applications in recent years. 

Compatibility on multiple platforms will help your users to get an amazing user experience, enhance user engagement, and grow your customer base. In addition, you can capture a broader audience easily for your product or web application. 

  • Best for real-time app development

We live in the modern world where real-time applications have a great audience and need. Besides, people are expressing interest to interact with each other with an application as a medium. But the fact is building a real-time application is a type of hectic process as it requires continuous I/O for server and client communication. 

However, you can give a big thumbs up to Node.js as it helps to develop user-centric and responsive real-time applications quickly. Chat, gaming, and social networking apps can be developed and deployed using node.js. 

  • Low complexity 

Typically, it would be challenging if the development team uses different technologies for front-end and back-end. If a front-end developer and a back-end developer utilize a diverse set of tech stacks for web application creation, the development process would not be smooth as you think. 

However, if you prefer node.js for product development, you can avoid these issues and speed up your development process. These are because node.js can be usable on both the front-end and back-end development. In addition, Web applications or products created in Node.js require less code compared to other existing languages.

  • Cost-effective 

One of the main reasons to prefer node.js is you can reduce the development cost without compromising the quality of the product. As previously said, it supports both the front-end and back-end; you won’t need a separate team of developers. These would cut down your investment in half. 

Node.js requires only fewer files and low codes for product development. Therefore, you can save money and time; when you choose node.js to create your web application or product. 

  • Asynchronous Architecture 

Unlike other programming languages, Node.js has an asynchronous architecture. It is also known as non-blocking architecture. Meaning the execution of one task will not be dependent on another. This kind of architecture in node.js would help startups like you to create extraordinarily responsive and robust real-time web applications.

The above-listed are the notable reasons to prefer node.js for product or web application development.


Wrapping up

Over the years, prominent web applications like Netflix, Uber, eBay, PayPal, and Yahoo are revolutionizing the digital world. The interesting fact here is; all these applications run with the help of node.js. Impressive, right? These companies have taken their products to the next level by leveraging the top-notch node.js development solution. 

Are you a startup or a product manager looking for well-experienced node.js developers to launch your project? Then you’re in the correct place already. Fortunesoft is a reputed node.js development company in the industry. Being an early bird in the technology industry, we are masters in offering superfine node.js development solutions for startups who wish to build a custom product with utmost perfection. 

Reach us today and elevate your digital presence by leveraging node.js for product development. Let our experienced team can assist you from ideation to deployment.

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