Top mangento eCommerce development trends

By Jeevan Babu October 21, 2019 10 min read

Top magento eCommerce development trends to look

With the worldwide recognition in the eCommerce sphere, Magento is continuing to raise the standards due to the following benefits:

With the worldwide recognition in the eCommerce sphere, Magento is continuing to raise the standards due to the following benefits:

  • Free and flexible
  • Full authority to the hosting service
  • Features exclusively for business needs.
  • Simplicity in implementing complex templates through easy variants.

With the release of Magento 2.3.1, they are in the race for keeping every corner untouched to escalate their customer base.

Within a blink, Google displays around 5,30,00,000 results about Magento. With the availability of immense online data, the breadth of its offerings, and its 1.5 billion website coverage, it becomes essential to unbox the trends that Magento Development has for us.

Whether start-ups or already into the eCommerce pool, check out these futuristic trends for the upcoming years. 

Let us unbox these trends that will hold the responsibility of shaping the future of eCommerce businesses with Magento.

AI at the Centre Stage


The revolutionary technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has never left any opportunity to showcase its capacity through real-world applications. People bank on AI as they are desperate for personalization and AI does the work for them. People are inclined towards devices that seamlessly resolve their issues and converse with them. 

AI plays a vital role in the eCommerce industry. It helps in simplifying the shopping process for the customers by suggesting the items based on their previous shopping and search patterns.

Imagine, the top of the page displays all the products you are looking for. Isn’t it exciting? 

Gifting a lot of Personalized Experience


With the rising competition in eCommerce, the market is flooded with customers looking for an innovative and personalized experience.

People desire for getting a personalized listing of products, discounts, offers, and messages. Standing up to the customers’ expectations is the need of the hour which if not done might cost you the race.

Magento provides you with the features for developing customer-specific discounts and offers. This helps in attracting the right set of audiences based on their shopping trends.

The Chatbot Chat


Chatbots are implemented in almost all the domains into practice by the Web Development Companies. If you are in doubt about this statement, recall your last visit to any eCommerce website. A small pop-up appears to the right-hand side of the screen, at the bottom asking to chat. These small pop-ups are Chatbots.

Chatbot development services are booming globally as they have reduced the costs to host customer care executives round the clock. This technology has been used full-fledged by eCommerce giant Amazon and it is expected to witness the demand in the year 2020 as well.

The Intelligent way for organic searches


Waiting eagerly about what 2020 will knock at your door with organic searches? Intelligent auto-complete tasks, smart breadcrumbs, and multiple filter options are some of the vital components expected to be employed. 

If you are landing new into the pool of eCommerce market or already diving into it, you have to think of every possible option for making the user navigation smarter. 

Your eCommerce business surrounds the customer experience. Thus thinking from their perspective will increase customer engagement and, in turn, escalated sales. 

This trend will be topping the charts for 2020 as smart searches drive high customer engagement, one of the most important factors for sales. 

The Priority of Push Notifications


If you are aiming for a maximum reach out to your customers, open the door to push notifications in your strategies. 

Push notifications have a tremendous capability to achieve an unbelievable figure in sales. Shoot a push notification and get relaxed as don’t get spammed or lost in inbox folders. 

Make your customers feel special and important by informing them about the offers and discounts for them. 

How responsive are your micro-interactions? 


Now give your users the first-rate experience with responsive interactions. 

Giving them the feel of human interaction with a more personalized touch engages them with the website they visit. 

By greeting them on several occasions or simply on their visit brings a huge difference. Thus adopting this conceptual technique of micro-interaction charms the customers and engages them as much as possible. 

Acknowledging your customers on every visit welcomes a lot of conversions. 

The power of Parallax Scrolling

Image result for parallax scrolling website gif giphy

If you have a clear view of your product inventory that it will expand in the long run, then parallax scrolling is required. 

Since we are more concerned about the user experience, scrolling should be an impressive factor even with the size. 

While going for Magento e-commerce development, this scrolling trend will improvise the storytelling that too in a shorter time period for using a huge amount of data.

Parallax scrolling refers to the layout of websites that faces a slower speed while displaying the web page’s background than the foreground creating a 3D effect while scrolling the website. 

So, if you are looking for an engaging UX with a fabulous scrolling experience, then this trend is waiting to get implemented. 

The ‘Live’ factor


Ever since Facebook and Instagram were updated with the ‘going live’ feature, Magento development companies have found the importance of this feature in Magento development as well. Adding live videos to your Magento eCommerce website gains a lot of attention, engagement, and fame. This is also possible through redirecting your viewers directly from the social media page for skyrocketing sales of your eCommerce store. 

Wrapping up!

Magento has a tremendous capability to accommodate all the updates the market witnesses over the years. With the agility and open-source features of Magento, businesses adapt and improvise their online sales thus increasing the profit margin. 

The trends mentioned above will rule 2020 as it allows you to take full-fledged advantage of Magento development for building feature-rich websites and provide a competitive edge over the others.

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