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Top Reasons to choose IOS Platforms for Startups

One question that rises up pretty often is whether to choose Android or IOS app development.  IOS and Android are widely used platforms to build apps. Considering the current demand…


Top 10 Reasons to Choose Android in 2019

Over the years the Android OS has progressed largely by acquiring major percent of global market share. A number of enterprises are adopting Android to build custom mobile apps to…

Angular Vs React - Fortunesoft
Angular5 React

Angular vs React : A Detailed Comparison

Choosing upon angular services and react services for your website can be overwhelming these days as both stand as popular JavaScript frameworks. Angular and React are widely adopted JavaScript (JS)…


Top Reasons to choose Angular Today

Angular is well known for developing robust and adaptable Single Page Applications (SPA).  The Application structure is developed in JavaScript and uses HTML as a template language.  It provides a…

CMS Drupal Joomla! Wordpress

Ways to Secure CMS Websites

The most widely used Content Management Systems are wordpress, joomla and drupal as per statistics. The highest CMS platforms that are held as hacking targets are wordpress followed by joomla, drupal…


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

The recent past methodologies have been time consuming causing delay in deliveries, intermittent communications with the clients and unstructured project management. Devops is the solution introduced that overcomes bottlenecks by…


Seamless Upgrade to Angular 5

Team at Google released the new version of angular that is Angular 5.0.0, pentagonal-donut. The main three insights that came up from using angular 5 is that it is faster,…


Seamless Upgrade from Magento to Magento2

Upgrading to new versions is as important as developing a product you desire. Magento was released way back in 2008 aiming to reach out to small and medium-sized Ecommerce businesses….


Top Emerging E-commerce Magento Trends

The progress of E-commerce industry is changing year by year, this evolution has made super easy for the online shoppers to get their desired product and service fast, reliable and…